An award-winning architecture practice based in New Delhi, Abaxial is in fact a multi-disciplinary design firm that practises contemporary architecture, urbanism and cultural analysis. Its work addresses spatial dimension and design, but seeks to push the boundaries of design beyond the conventional. It views its work as an emotional response to the cultural, social and economic contexts within which a project is placed – a response that finds expression in design and architecture.

At its core, Abaxial is a process-driven firm relying heavily on research, observation, prototyping, building and storytelling to arrive at a design solution. Research into materials, construction techniques and cultural contexts of each project ensures that the spirit of innovation thrives within.

Since much of Abaxial’s work is located in the urban context, the firm is aware of its responsibility to the community apart from that to its clients. Concern for the ecology, encouraging and conservation is definitely a driving force at Abaxial, prompting it to evolve strategies that mimic natural processes – to maximise efficiency and optimise resource deployment.

Over the last decade, Abaxial’s output has been as diverse as it has been profuse, including the entire gamut of institutional, residential, commercial projects to competitions, consultancy, curation, exhibitions and furniture design to landscaping. It has even partnered with several academic organisations across Asia and Europe to produce work and research that will impact thought in the field of design.

Abaxial has delivered excellence consistently. This has equipped it with the experience and tools to execute complex projects requiring a reconciliation of conflict that arises between artistic intent and conditions on the ground.


Abaxial, too, thinks of itself as the invisible that holds the tangible together. In essence, the firm is a collective that establishes connections, both visible and invisible, through the abstract into tangible, from nothing into a whole. And it is design that is at the centre of it all. For Abaxial, design straddles the spheres of architecture, interiors, product and business strategy. Transformative ideas are elevated and find expression through design.

Inclusion and collaboration are also ideas that form a critical part of the firm’s DNA. Abaxial believes in a collective approach, bringing people together from other disciplines to explore new concepts from a human perspective. As a result, design at Abaxial is the outcome of conversations – between poetry and geometry, and much else. These conversations are led mostly by its people, within the studio and outside, all converging into the act of design of space, of an object, or of an idea.


Abaxial’s studio and office are a multidisciplinary environment, encouraging art, craft, culture, science and history to permeate and thrive. Besides a multifaceted group of teams, Abaxial's non-hierarchical encouraging extends itself to a wide pool of leading consultants in the building industry.


Suparna is a principal architect of Abaxial, and graduated with a Masters degree in architecture from the University of California, Berkeley in 1998.

She is an architect and conservationist who has worked on a number of architecture, conservation and interior projects in India and abroad. She has been involved in the adaptive reuse and renovation of heritage buildings and palaces, as well as urban conservation and renewal strategies. This coupled with her independent practise gives her strong insight into various aspects of project conceptualisation, design development and detail.

She has been a regular columnist with Business Standard and now writes for several design journals. She is also on the Editorial Board of Green Life magazine and the advisory for The Future Institute. She is on the visiting faculty of the School of Architecture in Delhi, and is currently working on projects in co-ordination with civic and regulatory bodies towards the establishment of an integrated framework for development and historic revitalisation. Suparna is an active member of INTACH. She has been a principal of Bhalla Ribeiro Bhalla since 1999.


The tech-man of our office, who is updated on all the technology, has made a lasting impact. The funny man with retro-sexual personality and sketching abilities has a great design sense. Always ready to explore high horizons. Aadil is always ready to walk an extra mile to work as well as home. A soft spoken man with stern actions.


The most dynamic and versatile person in Abaxial: well-travelled, well dressed and well educated. With a vision to answer the unaddressed problems of the country, he takes immense pride and privilege to question and provide answers when and where required. A man with fair means, great ideas, he tries to bring in small changes. Aashrya has grown with Abaxial (his ponch and his moustache has grown simultaneously!), so has Abaxial grown with Aashrya


He’s very hardworking and dedicated with the ability to stay quiet and focused for days all together. He has a great desire to keep learning more and this anxiety of his sets him apart from many of us. Any criticism he receives from his peers, he has always looked at the bright side and tried to perform better. Irrespective of the qualifications he has had, he has achieved way more than what was expected of him.


With a happy-go-lucky persona, Aastha greets work and people with a warm smile. Always on her toes (and ready to make a toast), her humbleness has made it easy to approach her and work with her. Honest with work and opinions, she sets a new trend in working style. “To be healthy” has been Aastha’s moto and she follows a strict regimen to keep up with it.


This .(Dot)AVI player has got all formats playing on his fingertips. The man behind the visionary’s vision. The illusionist has crafted an amazing ability to trick everybody into seeing three-dimensional sceneries, buildings and objects. Now that’s magic! This one-man army can handle anything as vast as an IT complex, to as small as a 3D image of a pin. So give a source file into this AVI and you get a high quality enhanced, animation, 3D view, and all the thoughts in our heads become live images very much real to the world.


When you hear the name of ‘Dolly’ in an hour of crisis (something you will come across on daily basis) you know you have the trouble-shooter in the house. One of the most experienced and industrious professionals of our team, she is called the don of our godown. If you want your job without R-1, Dolly is your person. Soft yet strict, jovial yet serious, just say these words and everyone will unanimously points towards ‘Dolu’.


The most experienced person in Abaxial not just in work but also in food tasting. With a sweet tooth and happy face, Daljeet has been very easy to approach. With knowledge of an old monk, he has become our very own quick Google. Always ready with an easy and quick remedy to any problem, be it a detail junction or a health problem. A good laugh is what he awaits at the end of the day.


With the zeal to learn every small thing, you better not get hassled by the number of questions she will ask you. Karishma is one of the most hard-working persons in the office. From making design documents, to managing sites, to tackling clients, she handles it all. Don’t go by her tiny size, one can hear her from a mile when she shouts! This big thing in small package is the super charged girl of the office!


Courageous and cordial, exploring life from being an economist to a landscape architect, he has recently made his debut in Abaxial. Intelligence and wit are his play-cards. He’s a silent observer who wanders around the office ready to know and absorb everything. Humble in work and speech, Gautam is on his way to learn new ways of designing and make sure his journey makes an impact.


A new generation interior designer, she has a great potential to design and to perceive. With a lot of passion for not just design but also travel, she has a lot to achieve. She has become a favourite of all by getting mom-made food to office. A great team-mate, she keeps up with the pace and forthcoming challenges. The kiddo in our office has a long way to go in life.


An ardent architect, she has kept up with all facets of work. Not just an architect but also a fashion stylist. With high capabilities, she has managed beyond our expectations. Mahboubeh has dealt with every problem at site (even though she’s not a fluent Hindi speaker). The girl with the “main kaam KARUNGA” spirit has made office a lively space. A hard-working, enthusiastic architect, words fall short to describe her.


The new bud of Abaxial. Nikita, with great enthusiasm and motivation, has made a lasting impact. With fervour to design on an urban scale to intricate details of furniture, she keeps an eye on the future. A recent graduate with a huge potential, not just in design but also in music. This architect with headphones in her ears is going to be the new representative of her generation’s persona.


With experience being his forte, he has used knowledge and experience to expand. Quiet is the word that defines him. Highly grounded and dedicated towards his work. A man with few words, he saves his energy and words for something which we still ought to discover. Low on humour but greets everyone with nothing but a warm smile. Munesh puts in every effort to bring about small changes which is always appreciated by Abaxial.


Praveen is a bundle of joy, of happiness and the most vibrant person you could ever meet. Having gotten married early, now in his mid-20s, father of two, he has only grown younger with passing time. He joined Abaxial as a draftsman to become the most promising and aspiring peer of this firm. We cannot imagine our basement without him and especially with his horrible taste in music!


He is a very jovial person with a great heart. He goes out of his way to help people. He is a promising draughtsman with a couple of important projects under his belt. He is a key player in developing and coordinating services and most of our commercial projects wouldn’t be possible without him.


She is the tomboy of the gang! A post-graduate in digital architecture and signage design, she loves to explore new form and figures in everything she designs. With a fine eye for the detail, her work speaks of finesse, flair and skill! A sports enthusiast, she is a pro horse rider and a budding shooter. So you know who’s your friend when you are in a trouble and needs a bouncer around you!


The senior-most member of the Abaxial family, has been with the firm since its birth and has grown and nurtured it always. A great leader with 17 years of experience, he has endlessly helped his juniors by imparting technical knowledge in every way possible. He’s someone who’ll always liven up a party. Abaxial will never get tired of his unusual sense of humour.


Honest to work and office. He has been serving Abaxial since inception of the company and continues to do it with a happy-go-lucky spirit. He is the backbone of Abaxial in its happy and tough times. Abaxial is more to Rajendra and Rajendra more to the company. With high spirits and positive attitude, he is proud to be a part of Abaxial through its journey.


With a view to change the thought process and working of the company, Samarth has worked his way up. A team leader and a team mate, he has built a different stature for Abaxial. To explore, to learn and to eat have been his prime concerns. His first love is architecture and the second food. Samarth has never hesitated in trying fashion either. In the past six years, we have seen his heterosexual look as well as the sultan of an era image. Always ready to experiment and to grow.


She is one of the most experienced professionals in Abaxial with her diversified portfolio, with varying scales of projects. She is a mentor for a lot of young architects and interns of the office. Her design abilities enable her to deliver good projects with a high level of proficiency. She holds interest in exploring various aspects of architecture and design. Rashmi is one of the pioneer members and the pillar of the office.


He is a young and steadfast director. In his capacity as the director of the Design Group, Somdeb is responsible for defining short-term goals and objectives of the organisation along with monitoring and controlling essential parameters to ensure the achievement of anticipated objectives. An exceptional team leader with excellent communicative skills, consultative approach and problem solving capabilities, Somdeb has been the prime mover of Abaxial group.


Saurabh is a guy who performs multiple roles with ease. He is an idea generator, boundary spanner, mentor and project manager. He works meticulously and has a penchant for details. He is called the green guy due to his love for landscape and because he always wears shirts in different shades of green. The landscape vertical initiated by him has become a core group of the office and does some astonishing work.


The tall and handsome fellow is the new entrant at Abaxial. He has a gentle personality and gels with everyone very easily. With brilliant graphic skills and working drawing abilities, he is surely going to make Abaxial proud. Pride in what he has achieved gives him confidence which can be perceived in his work. A dancer and a footballer with design skills makes him a complete package of fun and frolic.


Slow and steady wins the race. Sushil has the zeal of a tortoise to cross the finish line. A keen-eyed person who could turn his observations into small doses of humour. Small in size yet big on attitude. An eye for photography has made Sushil an explorer with a wanderlust. Comprehensive detailing and working is portrayed in his work.


With a fervent passion to expand her knowledge, she has crafted a new level for landscape design. A young committed architect with a wealth of knowledge is set on her voyage to make a mark. Photography and dancing are her few other interests. Talking (not just about work) is another passion of hers, which make her more all the more captivating. Vrienda takes the risk of experimenting and exploring new horizons, which sets her apart from the rest.


Cordial, punctual and creative, these are the ingredients which he adds to make his work a piece of cake. Faithful to design yet to make a difference in work has been his prime concerns. As his name suggests, he shows progress and efficiency. A passion to design and cook are his other interests.

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