Basai Lake Restoration

Project- Basai Lake

Typology- Conservation Design

Year- 2017

Location- Gurugram

Abaxial – Basai Lake Restoration

Basai Lake could be transformed into a multi-cultural, multi-purpose and an active public place for hosting open air events, fair and festivals that bring the city and its people closer with nature, something that could be called Gurgaon Urban Arts Festival.

Basai village is a low-lying area in the region and was once part of the largest wetlands in Gurugram. Over decades, the wetlands have shrunk considerably owing to massive construction and land use conversions in the region, leading to loss of a diverse range of biodiversity. Basai, which once used to be the home to exotic birds and was considered an extension of the Bhratpur Bird Sanctuary in the vicinity, is now merely an urban village with just one water body left that needs immediate attention. It could be made an epitome of celebrating water, cherishing nature and nurturing urban life.