Akshara Craft and Calligraphy

Project- Akshara

Typology- Public Exhibition

Client- Client- The Dastkari Haat Samithi

Year- 2012

Location- New Delhi, Cairo, Paris

Area- 4,000 sft

Abaxial -Akshara Craft and Calligraphy

Is craft a representation of the temporal or the timeless? The Akshara exhibition challenges the preconceived notions of craft and language. Breaking barriers, social and aesthetic. Bridging and building connections. Between art and craft and the art of craft. Between understand and literacy. Each adding new meanings to what has always been. The exhibition travelled from Delhi to Cairo, Paris and Mumbai.

“Over a hundred artefacts were exhibited. The organization has worked with 58 producer-groups or individuals in 14 official Indian languages and scripts using 21 different craft, textile and art forms, covering 16 states of India. “- Jaya Jaitly