Pipe Dreams

Project- Pipe Dreams

Typology- Exhibition

Client- Parker Legris

Year- 2015

Location- Greater Noida

Area- 51, 000 sft (built-up area)

Abaxial – Pipe Dreams

The air remains invisible. Persuading life. Its sincerity a testament to the human spirit. Free it seeks repose in our dreams. Harnessing them into the momentum that builds our moments. Not the ones in which we exist… but ones in which we live. Alive with ideas. Alive with opinions, biases, inventions and creations. Alive with dreams…. Our pipe dreams. The site is more than a shed. Work force, minds and hands. Plants, birds, sky…Ideas, thoughts and words occupy space on this site. The refractions of light envelope the entrance, a bench, a tree and a suspended stairwell greet the visitors. The office is a studio. For generation of what is new. What is constantly being renewed. Open and friendly the floor remains undivided.

No cubicles just commune. Large sheets of glass expand space. Blurring the box. Bringing the outside within. A conference room peeks out into the courtyard and runs in the lap of the landscape. The space enters the ground. Volume beneath the surface grows into the gaping courtyard of light. Ground here changes. Moving a floor below it builds a new subterranean horizon. Warmed and cooled by the geo energy of the earth the building gives identity to the shed. A name perhaps. One that defines its existence. The site is more than a shed.