Lake House, Dehradun

Typology- Residential

Client- Himalaya Herbals

Year- Ongoing

Location- Clementown, Dehradun

Area- 4,500 sft

Designed for a client who spent a happy childhood here, the architecture is a treasure hunt of vista, view and facet; seeking multiple remembrances, those that bring life to memories and perspectives at once playful and sublime. These contradictions are ever present through architecture as it seeks to renegotiate the skews that colour human life.

Abaxial – Lake House, Dehradun

Here the orthogonal finds solace in the organic, the human is celebrated alongside the supra human, the going is as significant as the coming and the modern, the quirky and the modest learn to co-habitat.
Layering the site with these improbable balances we arrive at design, an infinite arrangement that resolves contrarians in form and use, a design of a state of mind that is ever remembering and ever new.