The Lahori Gate

Project- The Lahori Gate

Typology- Restaurant

Client- Gazala Akbar Sharma

Year- 2014

Location- Meherchand Market, Delhi

Area- 2,700 sft

Abaxial – Lahori Gate

Located in the heart of New Delhi, in the recently gentrified Mehrchand market, this restaurant evokes the sense and then the aromas of Old Delhi. A city that lives in simultaneous worlds where old is not a departure from the new but part of it. The linear floor plates are limiting and then propose a rebellion from geometry. We here chose to conform in setting…a placid approach and then rebelled in the tactile. Using exposed brick, soft velvets and warm light the space conjures a romance or perhaps even a nostalgia of a distant and sometimes not so distant past.

Delhi. The redbrick and jali façade invoking the regional dimensions add institutional weight to multifaceted university. Being a residential campus it needs to extend a sense of warmth and become a place where all dimensions of humanistic values can be experienced within the multiplicity of its program.