Crafting Stories, Dastkari Haat Studio

Project- Dastkari Haat Studio

Typology- Retail Shop

Client- The Dastkari Haat Samithi

Year- 2017

Location- Meherchand Market, New Delhi

Area- 1,100 sft

Abaxial – Crafting Stories, Dastkari Haat Studio

Indian crafts have many stories to tell. Some forgotten and some renewed. All filled with humanistic values, submerged in the aesthetic ink of emotion.

Woven into the interiors of this space are the stories of the Dastkaari Samiti. The shop is thus seen not as a device but as an assemblage of parts of Dastkaari. Built with all things past and present collected along its journey and then put together not as a linear progression but as plinths – which make several progressions possible.