Centre for Dalit Studies

Project- Centre for Dalit Studies

Typology- Institutional

Client- Centre for Community Contextual

Year- 2004

Location- Najafgarh, Delhi

Area- 5,000 sft

The centre is made of three planes that interlock creating space and volumes in clear geometry. Not in progressions but as trajectory here geometry defines both direction and use. The core is the library- or the mind from which emanates the spaces of learning and understanding.

Abaxial – Centre for Dalit Studies

Situated in an urban Village of Delhi this NGO is seen as a sanctuary for those it socializes and those that it integrates within its non porous boundary. Its growth from the earth marks the significant shades of its volumes adding a compositional quality to the otherwise layered functioning. The circulation here is more a disburser than a connector. Unevenly creating spaces between the outdoors and indoors.