Viridian Office

Project- Viridian Office

Typology- Interiors

Client- Viridian Group

Year- 2014

Location- M6, Jasola, New Delhi

Area- 4,800 sft

Abaxial – Viridian Office

Simply put, can the space and architecture it begets escalate the idea of the product and then the production of the firm? Both corner offices belong to the WTC banner in India, yet both have segregated functions. Thus while a connect was maintained in the materiality of space, both were maintained as segregated zones. The first was the public face. The office needed to accommodate meeting spaces and then a subtle display of values that make the brand. The use of the outdoor deck as a meeting space, natural materials in finishes and the simplicity of line and structure build the green ethics of the firm.

The adjacent space needed to accommodate the various facets of the large organization. All separate and yet connected, the floor plate begins and concludes in public spaces. The design of the WTC office was seen as an opportunity to integrate user-interface with product marketing strategies.

Viridian’s office was a challenge in maintaining a deep sense of privacy while being open to all departments of the organization that needed to interface. Being the nodal point of the organization, it needed a definitive clarity of access. The inner sanctum of the office is a vast flexible conference room.
Subdivided and then having the ability to combine for large brain storming and ideation sessions, this area seeks to combine ambition and intelligence that make this modern practice a development prodigy in the northern quadrant of India.